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May 4/02 9:34 am - Tour of the Gila Stage 4 Women

Posted by Editor on 05/4/02

Tour of the Gila - Arizona
Courtesy the Organizers


Stage 4 - Silver City Criterium

1Bockel, KarenRONA1:07:08
2Teutenberg, InaSaturn
3Holt, MelissaRONA
4Jeanson, GenevieveRONA
5Mayolo-Pic, TinaDiet Rite
6Samplonius, AnneTalgo America
7Witherell, HeidiPalo Alto Bicycles
8Peters, StacyICO
9Konrad, SarahMercy Cycling Team
10Roz Reekie-MayMercy Cycling Team
11Long, MagenObru/The Bicycle S
12Cole, HeatherMercy Cycling Team
13Longnecker, GailRona
14DiGuistini, CybilDiet Rite
15Hannos, AndreaRONA
16Kroepsch, LaraTrek Plus
17Wilson, JoanTalgo America
18Kelly, KoriDiet Rite
19Jarvis, AmyRONA
20Kolb, SandraLGBRC/Contentlab
21Berger, KatrinaCannondale USA
22Benassi, MaatjeVERITAS
23Sonye, SuzanneSaturn
24Eyerman, JennyICO
25Elliott, MeganMercy Cycling Team
26Bruckner, KimberlySaturn
27Demars, NicoleICO
28Wilson, JenniferMt. Velo/Supergo
29Goldstein, LeahBianchi USA
30Gonzalez de FerratAmorosos/HH Racing
31Osguthorpe, MarenBiogen
32Matlock, LisaFord-No Boundaries
33Milkavich, Lisa--
34Gollogly, NaomiBike Gallery/Tek/Vall s.t.
35Fisher, KirstenICOat 0:16
36Soraci, KerryDiet Rite0:32
37Binney, CherylDiet Rites.t.
38Eastman, ReneeVitamin Cottage/Mo0:43
39Scrymgeour, KristySaturn0:57
40Lightfield, LorienRichards Racing2:39
41Babbitt, BrookeGoldy'ss.t.
42Shaffer, JoyLGBRC/Contentlab4:19
43Phillips, JessicaSaturn4:53
44Kopasz, ChristyTelluriders5:04
45Rose, KaseyRichards Racing5:10
46Hulser, KeleSeattle Velos.t.
47Pizzini, MinaDiet Rite6:17
48Tupa, ShannonTokyo Joes/Gary Fi7:08
49Franklin, Lyn D.Toyko Joess.t.
50Perry, DaphneMercy Cycling Team8:16
51Magness, LisaICO
52Carroll, CynthiaRedwood Empire Vel
53Lowery-Abate, LeslieFront Range Cyclinall s.t.
54Davis, PattyLGBRC/Contentlab11:06
1Jeanson, GenevieveRONA8:37:21
2Bruckner, KimberlySaturnat 5:42
3Bockel, KarenRONA16:35
4Phillips, JessicaSaturn23:13
5DiGuistini, CybilDiet Rite27:03
6Berger, KatrinaCannondale USA27:29
7Roz Reekie-MayMercy Cycling Team29:34
8Goldstein, LeahBianchi USA30:06
9Mayolo-Pic, TinaDiet Rite30:28
10Wilson, JoanTalgo America31:02
11Wilson, JenniferMt. Velo/Supergo31:15
12Gonzalez de FerratAmorosos/HH Racing31:50
13Demars, NicoleICO32:23
14Witherell, HeidiPalo Alto Bicycles32:35
15Kelly, KoriDiet Rite34:25
16Jarvis, AmyRONA36:51
17Matlock, LisaFord-No Boundaries37:07
18Samplonius, AnneTalgo America37:18
19Hannos, AndreaRONA38:09
20Eyerman, JennyICO40:16
21Longnecker, GailRona40:42
22Peters, StacyICO40:51
23Benassi, MaatjeVERITAS41:48
24Konrad, SarahMercy Cycling Team42:36
25Shaffer, JoyLGBRC/Contentlab42:54
26Cole, HeatherMercy Cycling Team43:35
27Holt, MelissaRONA44:28
28Binney, CherylDiet Rite44:32
29Teutenberg, InaSaturn49:12
30Sonye, SuzanneSaturn50:00
31Osguthorpe, MarenBiogen50:22
32Kroepsch, LaraTrek Plus55:43
33Pizzini, MinaDiet Rite56:34
34Kopasz, ChristyTelluriders57:37
35Lightfield, LorienRichards Racing59:09
36Long, MagenObru/The Bicycle S59:33
37Scrymgeour, KristySaturn59:48
38Babbitt, BrookeGoldy's1:01:10
39Soraci, KerryDiet Rite1:01:59
40Magness, LisaICO1:02:14
41Gollogly, NaomiBike Gallery/Tek/V1:05:07
42Tupa, ShannonTokyo Joes/Gary Fi1:06:42
43Perry, DaphneMercy Cycling Team1:12:33
44Kolb, SandraLGBRC/Contentlab1:13:37
45Milkavich, Lisa--1:13:57
46Fisher, KirstenICO1:14:48
47Hulser, KeleSeattle Velo1:19:44
48Elliott, MeganMercy Cycling Team1:21:23
49Carroll, CynthiaRedwood Empire Vel1:21:43
50Eastman, ReneeVitamin Cottage/Mo1:23:14
51Rose, KaseyRichards Racing1:24:01
52Davis, PattyLGBRC/Contentlab1:26:09
53Franklin, Lyn D.Toyko Joes1:26:32
54Lowery-Abate, LeslieFront Range Cyclin1:34:34


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