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June 26/02 2:19 am - Canada Cup DH #3: Complete Results

Posted by Editoress on 06/26/02

Canada Cup DH #3 Poley Mountain, NB
Courtesy Velo NB

Senior Elite Men
Placing. NameTimeDifference
1. Pendrel, Geoff (Vancouver, BC) Cove Bikes02:16.7
2. Laurin, Mathieu (St. Adele, PQ) Balfa / Rock Shox02:16.80:00.07
3. Jones, Mike (Victoria, BC) Norco02:17.10:00.45
4. Lyon, Brant (Victoria, BC) Gant02:18.30:01.67
5. Porter, Trevor (Fredericton, NB) Cove Bikes02:20.10:03.40
6. Goss, Eric (Mazerolle, NB) Cove Bikes02:21.40:04.74
7. Mitchell, Steve (Vancouver, BC) Lambert / Devinci02:21.90:05.20
8. Eller, Brian (Coquitlam, BC) Norco02:22.20:05.51
9. Belanger, Fred (, PQ) Intense / Mavic02:22.70:06.02
10. Billinghurst, Adam (Whistler, BC) Evolution / Rim Rock Café02:23.70:07.03
11. Marcotte, Vincent (Bearon Field, PQ) Intense / Group JM02:23.80:07.09
12. Roberge, Guy (Montreal, PQ) Balsa / Rock Shox02:24.40:07.71
13. May, Leon (Courtanay, BC) Giant02:24.70:08.04
14. Thauvette, Sebastien (Terrasse, PQ) 02:25.10:08.47
15. Donais, Hugo (Terrebonne, PQ) Oakly Rock02:25.30:08.61
16. Chambers, Derek (Nelson, BC) Kona02:25.70:09.00
17. Jewett, Nicholas (KeswickRidge, NB) Radical Edge02:26.90:10.19
18. Green, Jason (Vancouver, BC) Yeti / Troylee02:27.20:10.54
19. Mead, Josh (Aurora, ON) Ruthless02:27.80:11.15
20. Pilon, Jonathan (St Timothee, PQ) Satiers Pleir Jean02:28.60:11.88
21. Gash, Collin (Halifax, NS) The Bike People02:30.50:13.85
22. Langlois, Jocelyn (Ragaud, PQ) Michelin / Mille02:30.90:14.18
23. Nielsen, Matt (Bracebridge, ON) Intense Canada02:30.90:14.19
24. Gosselin, Nicholas (Lac-Etchemin, PQ) Virago Racing02:31.10:14.43
25. Lefebvre, Alain (St. Eustache, PQ) Sertiers Plein Air02:31.40:14.73
26. Cleary, A.J. (St. John's, NF) Freeride02:31.50:14.85
27. MacQueen, Daniel (Charlottetown, PE) MacQueens Island Tours02:31.80:15.15
28. Fontaine, Marc (Dollard-Des-Ormeaux, PQ) 02:33.10:16.42
29. Pitre, Adam (Saint John, NB) Bike Works / Roach02:33.40:16.75
30. McNair, John (Halifax, NS) Cyclesmith / KCW02:34.00:17.28
31. Beniot, Philippe (Monteal, PQ) 02:36.00:19.27
32. Sincair, Chris (Caledon, ON) Epic Ride02:36.80:20.14
33. Menard, Dominick (Laval, PQ) La Cordee Plein Air02:37.80:21.12
34. Pare, Antoine (Montreal, PQ) 02:38.60:21.96
35. Devlin, Dave (Wolfville, NS) Kentville Bike Shop02:38.90:22.17
36. Bernasconi, Aaron (Wolfville, NS) KBS02:38.90:22.20
37. Iwate, Makoto (Wakayamaa) Kouta Super Bikes02:42.40:25.76
38. Kerr, Greg (Halifax, NS) 02:43.00:26.36
39. Jacques, Michel (Verdun, PQ) 02:44.40:27.71
40. Somerville, Cam (Toronto, ON) Trail Blazer / Dragon02:50.80:34.12
41. Hambly, Jason (Charlottetown, PE) 02:58.30:41.62
DNS. Arial, Shephane (Montreal, PQ)
DNS. Plummer, Erin (Vancouver, BC) Yeti / Deep Cove
Senior Elite Women
1. Morris, Shelia (Cookstown, ON) 02:54.0
2. Fortier, Mylene (Quebec, PQ) 02:55.70:01.74
3. Johnson, Cassidy (Montreal, PQ) BALFA02:57.70:03.76
4. McInnis, Lisa (Bedford, ON) Norco03:13.80:19.79
Junior Expert Men
1. Sioui-Moar, Kwanah (Wendake, PQ) 02:17.8
2. Lagrange, Mathieu (Lac Et Chemin, PQ) 02:28.20:10.40
3. Anstey, Gavin (St. Johns, NF) Freeride02:43.30:25.53
4. Currie, Kyle (Dartmouth, NS) Stealth Bomber02:44.60:26.80
5. Thibodeau, Josh (Moncton, NB) 02:48.20:30.38
6. Sturgeon, Matt (New Maryland, NB) Santa Cruz / Radical Edge03:06.20:48.42
DNF. Currie, Chris (Dartmouth, NS) Stealth Bomber
DNS. Brown, Sean (Pointe Claire, PQ)
DNS. English, Matthew (Infield, NS)
U17 Expert Men
1. Stoyles, Robin (St. John's, NF) Freeride Mtn. Sports03:02.5
Senior Expert Men
1. Roberts, Steve (Canmore, AB) Daliy Grind02:32.1
2. Labbe, Patrick (Canmore, AB) RE Board & Cycle02:33.90:01.87
3. Dionne, Carl (Levis, PQ) Cycle Lambert02:37.20:05.13
4. Caya, Jean-Michel (Granby, PQ) ORYX02:39.50:07.44
5. Bourque, Trevor (Moncton, NB) Mike's Bike Shop02:41.30:09.21
6. Simoneau, Carl (Halifax, NS) Cyclesmith02:44.10:11.99
7. Vardy, Grant (Clarenville, NF) 02:46.50:14.40
8. Young, Todd (Fredericton, NB) Radical Edge02:47.20:15.10
9. Clow, Dantan (Stratford, PE) Smooth Cycle02:48.90:16.84
10. Savoy, Steven (St. John, NB) KHS / Bike Works02:49.60:17.50
11. Manara, Sean (Markhan, ON) 02:49.80:17.72
12. Wynn, Terry (Shear Water, NS) Beast Gear03:02.60:30.55
13. Sodero, Scott (Halifax, NS) Santa Cruz / Beast Gear03:03.00:30.97
Master Expert (30-39) Men
1. Andreason, Ian (Charlottetown, PE) Fortius Natural Nutrition02:33.4
2. MacNeil, Drew (Wolfville, NS) 02:48.40:14.99
3. Jerrett, Chris (St. Johns, NF) Freeride02:52.80:19.33
4. Gray, Steve (Ottawa, ON) 03:12.00:38.57
5. Gray, Randy (Halifax, NS) Cyclesmith / Beastgear05:29.82:56.35
U17 Sport Men
1. Reid, Corey (Moncton, NB) 02:52.2
2. Hearn, Adam (Dartmouth, NS) 02:52.90:00.64
3. Ellis, Jordan (Charlottetown, PE) 03:13.20:20.92
4. Logan, Seth (Dartmouth, NS) 03:21.80:29.55
5. Livinston, Alex (Charlottetown, Pe) MacQueen Bike Shop03:37.30:45.10
DNS. Bevan, Trevor (Charlottetown, NB)
Junior Sport Men
1. Burgess, Johnathan (Halifax, NS) Bicycles Plus02:46.0
2. Billard, Scott (Brookside, NS) Cyclesmith03:08.50:22.56
3. Lavoie, Francis (Dieppe, NB) Mike's Bike Shop03:55.01:09.10
4. Voegeli, Drew (Shad Bay, NS) The Bike People04:41.31:55.32
5. Kidd, Dave (Quispamsis, NB) Bike Works04:59.42:13.46
Senior Sport Men
1. Murray, Ian (Ottawa, ON) 02:43.2
2. Currie, Francis (Antigonish, NS) Norco Grassroots02:46.00:02.85
3. Boyle, Jason (Saint John, NB) Bike Works02:49.10:05.97
4. Shore, Adam (Halifax, NS) ECMTB.COM02:51.60:08.47
5. Vaughan, David (Fredericton, NB) Burton Snowboards / Ski Wolf03:02.40:19.28
6. Long, Ryan (St. John, NB) Bikeworks03:04.40:21.23
7. Downing, Luke (Bedford, NS) 03:27.10:43.92
8. Landau, Greg (Fredericton, NB) Radical Edge03:39.30:56.13
DNF. Thompson, Jason (Kanata, ON)
Senior Sport Women
1. Pendrell, Catharine (Smithfield, NB) Cove Bikes03:34.3
2. Kindervater, Laura (Halifax, NS) The Bike People04:16.40:42.11
3. Schaller, Enid (Halifax, NS) Cyclesmith04:25.20:50.86
4. Cameron, Jill (Hammonds Plain, NS) The Bike People04:27.10:52.80
Master Sport (30-39) Men
1. Ritchie, Sean (Moncton, NB) Mike's Bike Shop02:46.2
2. Thibodeau, Gerald (Moncton, NB) Bungay's Bike Shop02:53.80:07.61
3. Smith, Gordon (Halifax, NS Beastgear / Santa Cruz03:02.70:16.52


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