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July 11/02 7:46 am - Track Nationals Day 1 Evening Session

Posted by Editor on 07/11/02

National Track Championships
Courtesy CCA

Day 1 - Evening Session

Senior Men's SprintQuarter Finals
Heat 1Race 1Race 2Race 3
Steen Madsen12.05412.101--
Ryan McKenzie
Heat 2Race 1Race 2Race 3
Keith Bruneau11.76711.79--
Alexandre Mourais
Heat 3Race 1Race 2Race 3
Tyler Hansen12.15112.424--
Brooks Rapley
Heat 4Race 1Race 2Race 3
Lars Madsen12.05211.895--
Travis Smith
Junior Men's SprintQuarter Finals
Heat 1Race 1Race 2Race 3
Cameron McKinnon12.38512.535--
Eric Holland
Heat 2Race 1Race 2Race 3
Guillaume Fausse13.11312.78--
Jamie Sparling
Heat 3Race 1Race 2Race 3
Spencer Atkinson12.77712.707--
Abel Chouinard
Heat 4Race 1Race 2Race 3
David Roy13.155
Raphael Tremblay12.94212.836

Senior Men Pursuit Qualifier4000m
1Alexandre Cloutier4:46.520
2Robert Veroba4:50.594
3Marc Ernsting4:53.785
4Martin Gilbert4:57.085
5Pascal Choquette4:58.329
6Christopher Bentley4:48.499
7Glen Rendall5:00.431
8Ian Condron5:00.619
9Tim Kilcullen5:03.051
10Martin St-Laurent5:04.591
11Pierre Olivier Boilly5:04.738
12Jean-Philippe Houle-Paradis5:08.235
13Enrico Traini5:08.787
14Sebastien Pilote5:08.989
15Bruno Langlois5:10.699
16Colin Burns5:17.198
17John-Christophe Reid5:18.725
18Cedric Greaux5:19.366
19Graeme Thomson5:24.820
20Nathan St-Onge5:29.260
21Pascal Tetrault5:36.167
22Andrew Scott5:40.390
Senior Women Pursuit Qualifier3000m
1Clara Hughes3:54.800
2Erin Carter3:59.925
3Julia Bradley4:04.153
4Mandy Poitras4:06.431
5Jenny Trew4:13.447
6Sophie Blanchette4:35.006
7Genevieve Marcotte4:36.494
8Shelly Christensen4:43.513
Junior Men Pursuit Qualifier3000m
1Cameron Evans3:44.067
2Andrew Davidson3:46.760
3Spencer Atkinson3:52.035
4Maxim Vives3:52.670
5Jamie Sparling3:53.187
6David Roy3:53.795
7Ryan McNamara3:56.720
8Marsh Cooper3:57.038
9Francois Sztuke3:59.757
10Doug Jenson4:01.022
11Abel Chouinard4:02.787
12Christian Meier4:03.843
13Geoffrey Argue4:04.218
14Craig De Gier4:04.790
15Charlie Vives4:06.153
16Philippe Abbott4:06.712
17Eric Holland4:07.289
18Jamie Lamb4:07.678
19Raphael Tremblay4:11.347
Junior Women Pursuit Qualifier2000m
1Genevieve Leblanc2:48.574
2Lisa Bowe2:52.138
3Magalie Boulay2:54.309
4Julie Belanger2:55.018
5Cynthia Beaulieu2:58.713
6Audrey Lemieux3:00.844
7Mylene Laliberte3:07.665


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