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September 11/02 11:05 am - New Brunswick Track Series

Posted by Editor on 09/11/02

Mike's Bike Shop Track Cup - Dieppe, New Brunswick
Courtesy Luc Arseneau

For the second year in a row, the St-Onge brothers are sitting on top of the final classification of the Velodrome Caisse populaire Dieppe weekly series. This year's Mike's Bike Shop Track Cup was a direct witness of the growing popularity of track cycling in our region. Here are the final classifications.

ScratchPts.M&OScratchPts.M&OScr.Pts.Elim.Oly. Spr.KeirinScr.Pts.Elim.M.Spr.PointsOly. Spr.BlindElim.Elim. PointsScr.200mKeirinPointsTotal
1Nathan St. Onge8090100801001007590907540100100907580801445
2Justin St. Onge75100807090901008075654580707540100751310
3Pablo Vergara7590807090100306575507010060906565551230
4Julien Gionet455560100758055759050808070759055751210
5Rob McNair7565807580905510090656575705590601190
6Louis Poirier6540757050657090758060100100940
7Christian Meier10010090759090100909090915
8Jeff Currie10010060909065707550607550885
9Don Ricker907555807580707035658050825
10Kirk Emery4510010050758080807565750
11Ronald Leblanc708070507070100706580725
12Craig de Geir1001001001007070100640
13Bruno Richard459010060756555490
14Paul Goobie7065705060754555490
15Shawn Thibodeau60559050505065420
16Ray Duggan10010010090390
17Mike Leblanc706565357060365
18Luc Arseneau9060657065350
19Andrew Scott90907060310
20Ghislain Thibodeau5550807550310
21Cory Jay259080100295
22Scott Horrobin65807080295
23Adrien Levesque80706050260
24J. F. Daigle65705075260
25Chris Dunbar20809065255
26Daniel Richard50804070240
27Marc Boudreau757565215
28Jamie Lamb458070195
Daniel Morasse657550190
29Phillippe Theriault404555140
ScratchPts.M&OScratchPts.M&OScr.Pts.Elim.OSpr.KeirinScr.Pts.Elim.M.Spr.PointsO.Spr.BlindElim.Elim.PointsScr.200mM. Spr.Total
1Sacha Leblanc6570808010010090901008070100901115
3Laura Hominick707575759080901001001009075751095
2Christien Arsenault1001001001001001001001001001001000
4Mathieu Bourgeois909090909010090640
5Christina Homer10010010090100490
6Jeffrey Gaudet8080809090420
7Jonathan Melanson7010080250
8Shawn Thibodeau7575


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