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May 15/03 10:03 am - Sebel Joins Broadmark, Bromont Course Update, Peace Race, Sugoi Series

Posted by Editor on 05/15/03

Broadmark Invests in Sebel
Courtesy Wenting Cycle

Mission BC. It was announced today that Dylan Sebel, 24, of Mission BC, would be racing the remainder of the cycling season in the colours of the Broadmark Capital Cycling Team. Terry Mulholland, general manager of the team remarked that Dylan would be an asset to the already strong regional team. "We had hoped to sign Dylan in the fall, but budget restraints prohibited his signing. With Cam (Cameron Evans) in Europe with the national team there was an opening. Dylan's strong stage racing ability will support our strong group of single day riders."

Sebel discussed the developments this way. "I had hoped my results last season were enough to secure a spot on a good regional team like Broadmark and was a little bummed when nothing came about. I knew I'd have to ride my way onto a team this spring and so Adrian Ellingham and I just trained harder and raced at the front every day." He went on to say, "I really appreciated the support I received from my parents, who told me to go for it despite a team ride. Wentings' Cycle Shop registered a team so we could get into races like Solano and Sea Otter. I want to thank Outdoor Gear Canada for their assistance as well."

Svein Tuft of the Prime Alliance team home for a few days R and R rode for Broadmark in 2001. He commented, "Broadmark was an integral step in my career. The lessons I learned there made it possible for me to become a pro rider and it'll be the same with Dylan. I've trained with him and raced with him a few times and I can see how dedicated he is. He gets better every year and getting to the bigger races, he'll step it up some more."

Sebel's goals this year continue to include a strong showing at the National Championships to be held in Hamilton Ontario in June and to show well in the BC Superweek races at Delta, Gastown and White Rock in July. " In other races I'll be trying to help the team the best way I can, racing at the front and helping teammates win their key events.

Sebel's first race in his new colours will be the Tour of Enemclaw this weekend in Washington State. "My goal for this race will be to get to know the rest of the guys and see how I fit into the program. If I get a chance to do something ,that'll be great but the team's goals will be first.

Lange Third in korea

We have received word that Cory Lange (Marco Polo) finished third in a fourth stage breakaway of the Tour of Korea. Lange initiated the break and then held on for third.

Course Report From Bromont

Hey Editor(ess),

Just wanted to drop you a line concerning the Bromont Canada Cup Race this weekend. I've been up on course today, and it seems amazing. Although still quite wet in some sections, the course is shaping up fine for the weekend. Over the course of the day we even saw some puddles disappearing. The ground seems to really be sucking up the water quickly, and the weather looks promising throughout the weekend.

As for the DH course, it seems like it'll really be tough. Not tough to ride, just tough to ride fast. The beginning is quite quick, with some tough rocky sections, then its into the most technical section of the course, known as 'the steps', a section with an optional drop, or a series of little drops which are serious time consumers. From there, a short off-camber section with tons of roots, and you're out in the open. Then, a long series of turns brings you to the finish.

The racers I talked to today seem very excited about this course, as it tests everything one has. As of now, the racers are starting to show up, and the once deserted National Training Center, where we're staying, is quickly filling up.

Talk to you again soon,

Fred Belanger

Editor's Note: We will be providing live reports and photos from Bromont on Saturday and Sunday.

Le Polonais Huzarski se sauve avec la septième étape

Montréal, 15 mai 2003 (Sportcom) - Le coureur polonais Bartosz Huzarski (Mroz) s'est offert une balade en solitaire de près de 200 kilomètres pour remporter, jeudi, la septième étape de la Course de la Paix, en Allemagne. Peu après le début de l'épreuve de 213 kilomètres, Huzarski a décampé seul ; son avance sur les autres coureurs approchant parfois la demi-heure. Au fil d'arrivée, le Polonais qui a parcouru l'étape en 5 heures 28m 25s avait encore cinq bonnes minutes d'avance sur ses plus proches poursuivants. L'Allemand Danilo Hondo (Telekom) et l'Italien Enrico Degano (Mercatone Uno - Scanavino) ont respectivement pris les deuxième et troisième rangs de la course disputée sous la pluie et dans le froid.

Les Québécois Charles Dionne (Saturn) et Dominique Perras ( ont terminé dans le même temps que ces derniers. Dionne a obtenu le 14e rang au sprint final pour la deuxième place, tandis que Perras a terminé en queue de peloton, au 71e rang.

" La fin (de la course) ne s'est pas déroulée comme je le voulais, a admis Dionne. J'étais bien placé pour les cinq derniers kilomètres, mais j'ai été un peu tassé dans les derniers virages. J'ai l'impression d'avoir un peu gaspillé ma journée car je sentais que j'avais de bonnes jambes ", a ajouté le cycliste de 24 ans, qui semblait plus préoccupé par la réapparition d'une vieille blessure que par son rang. " J'ai des petits problèmes avec ma jambe gauche. Ma cicatrice, qui est située derrière la cuisse et qui provient d'une opération subie à la suite de ma chute au Tour de Langkawi (en février dernier), est très enflée. J'ai vu les médecins ce matin (jeudi) et ils ne savaient pas ce que c'était. Ils m'ont donné une crème pour tenter de contrer l'enflure. Si cela ne se résorbe pas d'ici demain matin, je devrai peut-être mettre un terme à ma course. Cela m'inquiète un peu et j'ai hâte de voir comment la situation va évoluer ", a-t-il conclu.

De son côté, Perras n'a pas participé au dernier sprint, préférant demeurer dans le peloton. " Je n'ai rien à gagner dans des sprints groupés. Ce n'est pas ma force et je travaillerais pour rien. Au mieux, je finirais peut-être 25e ", a-t-il expliqué. Perras a été à même de constater la blessure de son compatriote. " Charles (Dionne) m'en a parlé pendant la course. C'était une très longue étape, nous avons eu beaucoup de temps pour jaser, a-t-il mentionné en riant. C'était la première fois que cela ne roulait pas tellement vite, du moins pendant les trois premières heures de la course. Heureusement que j'avais Charles à mes côtés, nous avons déconné un peu. À vrai dire, après une telle semaine, on a un peu le cerveau qui trempe dans le jus de raisin et cela rend toute chose un peu plus drôle ", a analysé Perras avec humour, alors que 1200 des 1556 kilomètres de la course ont été franchis.

Au classement général, Steffen Wesemann (Telekom) conserve son avance de dix secondes sur Ondrej Sosenka (CCC-Polsat). Perras est 76e à 36m 10s alors que Dionne se retrouve deux rangs plus loin, à 37m 24s.

Vendredi, la huitième étape, une course de 187 km, sera disputée entre Freyburg et Klingenthal.

Sugoi Dirt Series 2003

The Dirt Series is back and better than ever in 2003. With Sugoi as title sponsor, Western Canada's premiere Women's Mountain Bike technical skill camps will be visiting seven communities in British Columbia and Alberta, bringing great riding and camaraderie to hundreds of women riders.

Run in partnership with Cycling British Columbia and the Alberta Bicycle Association, the Sugoi Dirt Series offers expert instruction in a supportive environment for riders of all abilities. Riders who are just starting out in the world of Mountain Biking get to lay a groundwork of sound technical fundamentals while experienced bikers can add new skills and polish to their off-road arsenal.

Throughout the camps, emphasis is placed on building confidence and community, so that the riders leave the camps energized, ready to test their own skills and preach the gospel of mountain biking fun. According to Series Organiser Candace Shadley "there is nothing more amazing than seeing people getting so excited about your favorite sport. Time and time again, the campers tell me that they leave with new self-confidence, energy and inspiration."

The Dirt Series' elite coaching staff includes former World Champion Cindy Devine, current Canadian National Team racer Sylvie Allen and Pro XC Racer Tanya Hawthorne Allen, while guest coaches include two-time X Games Champ Aleisha Cline and Gravity Games medallist and World Freeskiing Champ Alison Gannett.

"We're really excited to play a bigger part in the Dirt Series this year" said Paul Done, The Voice of Sugoi. "We really think that the Dirt Series is the best-organized, best run Women's Mountain Biking program in North America, and it's a perfect fit for our brand."

Sugoi Dirt Series 2003 Schedule

May 31 - June 1 Sechelt, BC
June 14 - 15 North Vancouver, BC
July 5-6 Canmore, AB
July 12-13 Panorama, BC
August 16-17 Blue River, BC
September 6-7 Calgary, AB
September 20-21 Whistler, BC (Reunion Weekend)

For Dirt Series information and registration, visit or call (604) 737-3034. For more information on Sugoi, visit


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