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July 30/03 10:06 am - Fernie Canada Cup DH: Complete Results

Posted by Editoress on 07/30/03

Fernie Canada Cup DH Fernie. BC
Courtesy RMT

Under 17 Men
1. Pauly, Matt (Red Deer, AB) Rocky Mtn Bike&Board5:15.39
2. Friesen, David (St. Albert, AB) Mountain Cycle5:24.300:08.91
3. Fairweather, Callum (Gibbons, AB) St. Albert Trailraiders5:24.910:09.52
4. Nelson, Luke (Fernie, BC) 5:26.600:11.21
5. Bell, Wriley (Innisfail, AB) Rocky Mtn. Bike 'N' Board5:29.850:14.46
6. MacArthur, Cody (Fernie, BC) 5:45.820:30.43
7. Selk, Ryan (Cochrane, AB) 7:29.522:14.13
8. Northcote, Kevin (Kelowna, BC) DNFDNF
9. Brinkhaus, Geoff (Calgary, AB) Calgary CycleDNFDNF
Junior Beg / Sport Men
1. Fandrick, Tyson (Medicine Hat, AB) Gravity Sports5:36.20
2. Ewan, March (Golden, BC) Darkside5:48.470:12.27
3. Campbell, Tom (Golden, BC) Darkside5:49.590:13.39
4. Lozeron, Lucas (Strathmore, AB) B&P Cycle7:47.492:11.29
Junior Expert Men
1. Pighin, Tyler (Cranbrook, BC) Rocky's Ride & Glide4:32.12
2. Brown, Sean (Pointe Clarie, QC) Intense4:34.090:01.97
3. Giesbrecht, Jordan (Prince George, BC) Mad March Racing4:38.630:06.51
4. Digiacinto, Adriano (North Vancouver, BC) Steed Cycles4:45.530:13.41
5. Macleod, Connor (West Vancouver, BC) 4:52.970:20.85
6. Sturgeon, Matt (New Maryland, NB) Radical Edge4:56.670:24.55
7. Dube, Andre (Fernie, BC) KONA5:00.000:27.88
8. Rasmussen, Jordan (Prince George, BC) Summer Side5:07.470:35.35
9. Timms, Sheldon (Powell River, BC) 5:25.920:53.80
10. Dick, Brendan (Acton, ON) Bits and Bikes5:59.601:27.48
11. Biluk, Jamie (Winnipeg, MB) Olympia Cycle1:09:12.931:04:40.81
12. Penrose, Travis (Garibaldi Highlands, BC) SombrioDNSDNS
Senior Beg/Sport Men
1. Brown, Tyler (Victoria, BC) Madbombercrew4:55.48
2. Fagan, Patrick (Cranbrook, BC) 5:05.180:09.70
3. Dobler, Aaron (Edmonton, AB) 5:23.250:27.77
4. Raymond, Martin (St Jean Sur Richelie, QC) 5:24.530:29.05
5. Strattan, Scott (Fernie, BC) 5:34.130:38.65
6. Sara, Beavan (Fernie, BC) 5:40.130:44.65
7. Wallale, Josh (Borlington, ON) Bits and Bikes5:42.790:47.31
8. Shannon, Chris (Cranbrook, BC) 5:43.500:48.02
9. Parsons, Mike. 5:49.190:53.71
10. Graham, Malcolm (St. John's, NL) 6:14.721:19.24
11. Mrycay, Bob (Regina, SK) 6:16.471:20.99
12. Laberge, Justin (Fernie, BC) 6:41.081:45.60
13. Guthrie, Scott (Leduc, AB) United Cycle Racing7:02.512:07.03
14. Gorgichuk, Mitchell (Edmonton, AB) FBS Racing7:27.212:31.73
15. Keohane, Trevor (Edmonton, AB) FBS Racing7:36.232:40.75
16. McCarthy, Les (Kimberley, BC) DNFDNF
17. Crombach, Cabel (Fernie, BC) DNFDNF
18. Roque, Jay (Lethbridge, AB) DNSDNS
19. Ellis, Kurtis (Banff, AB) Bike CaféDNSDNS
20. Schmidt, Alexander (Calgary, AB) RedbikeDNSDNS
21. Walker, Carl (Sherwood Park, AB) River Valley CycleDNSDNS
Senior Expert Men
1. Hons, Kevin (Calgary, AB) 4:56.00
2. Vardy, Grant (Clarenville, NF) Over the Edge5:45.690:49.69
3. Edwards, Noel (Canmore, AB) Café RacersDNSDNS
Senior Elite Men
1. Lyon, Brant (Valemont, BC) Giant Bicycles Canada4:15.59
2. Jones, Michael (Victoria, BC) Norco Factory Team4:23.150:07.56
3. Hilder, Stu (North Vancouver, BC) Cove Bikes4:23.950:08.36
4. Pendrel, Geoff (North Vancouver, BC) Balfa4:25.830:10.24
5. Goss, Eric (Mazerolle, NB) Giant4:26.620:11.03
6. Jewett, Nicholas (Keswick Ridge, NB) 4:29.270:13.68
7. Donais, Hugo (Lachenaie, QC) Norco Factory Team4:38.420:22.83
8. Czuczor, Andy (Delta, BC) Sun Ringle/ Maxxis/ Scott4:38.560:22.97
9. Menard, Dominick (Laval, QC) La Cordee4:40.420:24.83
10. Lemire, Jean (Ste Foy, QC) Intense4:41.430:25.84
11. Racz, Sobe (Calgary, AB) Calgary Cycle4:43.340:27.75
12. Foutaine, Marc (Dollard, QC) Intense4:48.050:32.46
13. Laurin, Mathieu (St. Adele, QC) Balfa4:49.550:33.96
14. Chiasson, Serge (Fernie, BC) The Guides Hut4:49.890:34.30
15. Pilon, Jonathan (Valleyfield, QC) SPA/Maxxis/Spy4:54.340:38.75
16. Langlois, Jocelyn (Rigaud, QC) Sentius Plein Air5:00.930:45.34
17. Chabot, Martin (Fernie, BC) FAR5:01.690:46.10
18. Burkat, Radek (Calgary, AB) Pinkbike5:01.780:46.19
19. Sinclair, Chris (Caledon, ON) Epic Ride5:19.301:03.71
20. Eller, Brian (Coquitlom, BC) Norco Factory Team5:35.851:20.26
21. Mead, Josh (Aurora, ON) Ruthless Cycle6:59.702:44.11
22. Skinner, Dan (Salmon Arm, BC) DNSDNS
23. Green, Jason (Vancouver, BC) CoveDQDQ
Senior Elite Women
1. Schroeter, Danika (Vancouver, BC) Simon's Bike Shop5:08.06
2. Strand, Katrina (Vancouver, BC) Be One Oakley5:27.220:19.16
3. Watanabe, Karey (Matsumoto, NG) Cannondale Japan5:49.240:41.18
4. Morris, Sheila (Cookstown, ON) Kreater Custom Motorcycles6:00.740:52.68
5. McInnis, Lisa (Wentworth, NS) Hub Cycle6:07.560:59.50
6. Johnson, Cassidy (Montreal, QC) ESFR-Demers DH6:09.781:01.72
7. Cassidy, Jenelle (Vancouver, BC) Cove Bear Shop6:11.141:03.08
8. Fortier, Mylene Kim (Quebec, QC) 6:46.881:38.82
9. Mackillop, Deb (Nelson, BC) Norco Performance Bikes6:50.431:42.37
10. Messinis, Alexandra (Edmonton, AB) Revolution Cycle/Juvenis7:48.392:40.33
Master Beg / Sport Men
1. Gray, Steve (Ottawa, ON) Over The Edge4:48.87
2. Bellefonteire, Bud (Edmonton, AB) 5:43.100:54.23
3. Doherty, Stewart (, BC) 5:50.471:01.60
4. Trembley, Pascal (Calgary, AB) 6:21.281:32.41
5. Gramaglia, Givlio (Calgary, AB) Spolumbo's6:53.722:04.85
6. Girard, John (Pincher Creek, AB) B&P Cycle10:14.955:26.08
7. Rodgers, Aaron (Fairmont, BC) DNSDNS
8. MacAlister, Ian (Pemberton, BC) KatmanduDNSDNS
Master Expert Men
1. Whalen, Brien (Ottawa, ON) Over The Edge5:17.06
2. Beckstead, Patrick (Vancouver, BC) Mighty Riders5:22.320:05.26
3. Siddiqui, Shaheen (Helena, MB) 5:28.510:11.45
4. Jerrett, Chris (St. John's, NF) Freeride6:03.260:46.20
Master Women
1. Martin, Deb (Fernie, BC) FAR7:22.32
Master Men 40+
1. Savage, Dan (Fernie, BC) 5:48.25
2. Loucks, David (Calgary, AB) Dead Goat Racing5:51.250:03.00
3. Tornberg, Miles (Strathmore, AB) B&P CycleDNSDNS
4. Killick, Brian (Calgary, AB) DynamicDNSDNS


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