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June 27/04 8:45 am - Road Nationals

Posted by Editoress on 06/27/04

Road Nationals - Downtown Criterium Kamloops BC

Elite Men, 19-29 (50 kms)
1. Cam Evans (BC) Symmetrics Cycling1:06:01.60
2. Andrew Pinfold (BC) Symmetrics Cyclingat 1:00.00
3. Svein Tuft (BC) Symmetrics Cycling
4. Alexandre Lavallee (QC) Volkswagen - Trek
5. Jeff Schiller (ON) Gears Racing Canada
6. Jacob Erker (CA) Team Seasilver
7. Jean-Luc Pilote (QC) CIBC - Wood Gundy - RP
8. Alexandre Cloutier (QC) Volkswagen-Trek
9. Nick Friesen (AB) Bianchi The Bike Shop
10. Darko Ficko (ON) La Bicicletta-J Lindeberg
11. Phil Cortes (NB) Ital Pasta-Transport Belmire TT3
12. Scott Goguen (BC) Symmetrics Cycling
13. Ian Lockley (BC) Escape Velocity
14. Heath Cockburn (ON) La Bicicletta-J Lindeberg
15. Gordon Ross (BC) Escape Velocity
16. Eric Kameka (BC) Devo
17. Scott Laliberte (BC) Schwalbeall s.t.
DNF. Marc-wayne Addison (QC) Espoirs Laval
DNF. Paul Blanchette (BC) Solo-Adobe
DNF. Christophe Chereaux (QC) Espoir de laval
DNF. Nathan Chown (ON)
DNF. Basse Clement (BC) Solo-Adobe
DNF. Marsh Cooper (BC) Symmetircs Cycling
DNF. Simon Craig (BC) Spoke N Motion - Kamloops, BC
DNF. Craig Degier (NS) Atlantic Cycling
DNF. Harley Desprey (AB) Velocity
DNF. Philip Edamura (BC) Oak Bay Bikes Racing
DNF. Steven Ferris (BC) Blizzard
DNF. David Goosen (BC) Solo/Adobe
DNF. Chris Graham (NS) Atlantic Cycling
DNS. Jordan Guenette (BC) SOLO by Rocky Mountain
DNF. Attila Hajdu (ON) Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club
DNF. Eric Holland (BC) Bow Cycle
DNF. Tyler Holtzman (ON)
DNS. Nick Jendzjowsky (AB) pedalhead roadworks/ sleemans
DNF. Doug Jensen (BC) dEVo/ powerbar
DNF. Collins Jesse James (AB) Bicisport
DNS. Mike Johnson (BC) Spoke n' Motion
DNS. Dustin Macburnie (NS) Atlantic Cycling
DNS. Dave Macisaac (BC) Independent
DNF. Rodney Mcewan (ON) Independent
DNS. Christian Meier (NB) Atlantic Cycling
DNS. Francois Parisien (QC) Espoirs Laval
DNF. Will Routley (BC) Symmetrics Cycling
DNS. Peter Sanowar (ON) Ital Pasta/ Transport Belmire
DNF. Andrew Scott (PE) Atlantic Cycling
DNS. Dylan Sebel (BC) Symmetrics Cycling
DNF. Thomas Skinner (BC) KHS Bicycles
DNS. Brad Slater (BC) Solo-Adobe
DNF. Scott Slater (BC) Solo-Adobe
DNF. Dylan Snowdon (AB) Bianchi/The Bike Shop
DNF. Nathan St-onge (NS) Atlantic Cycling
Women (40km)
1. Mandy Poitras (BC) Symmetrics Cycling1:02:25.70
2. Marni Prazsky (BC) Symmetircs Cycling
3. Lisa Sweeney (BC) Team Kappa
4. Jenny Trew (AB) Oak Bay Bicycles
5. Mylene Laliberte (QC) Equipe du Quebec
6. Alison Testroete (BC) Petra-Uans-Orbea
7. Alena Radomsky (BC) Oak Bay
8. Julie Hutsebaut (QC) Terry Precision Cycling Team
9. Maria Lee (BC) Team BC
10. Samantha Nicholson (AB) Team Bianchi-The Bike Shop
11. Anna Tratnyek (ON) Team Ontario/Gears
12. Merrill Collins (ON) La Bicicletta-J Lindeberg
13. Joelle Numainville (QC) Equipe du Quebec
14. Jean Ann Mckirdy (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects
15. Tara Ross (ON) McMaster Cycling Club
16. Moriah Jo Macgregor (BC) Team BC
17. Naomi Cooper (BC) dEVo
18. Sandra Walter (BC) Kappa
19. Jessica Demars (AB) Bianchi - The Bike Shopall s.t.
20. Diana Bladon (AB) Oak Bay Bicycles0:06.10
21. Heather Oswald (AB) Edmonton Road and Track Club0:08.60
DNS. Marie-Pier Bedard (QC) ESPOIRS LAVAL
DNS. Julie Belanger (NB) Espoirs Laval
DNS. Kylie Case (MB) Team MB / VW Kal Tire
DNS. Denise Chisholm (YT) Cycling Association of the Yukon
DNF. Leah Guloien (BC) Team BC
DNS. Melissa Kerr (BC)
DNF. Sarah Noble (BC) Rocky Mountain Business Objects
DNF. Gabrielle Ostiguy (QC) Equipe du Quebec
DNS. Susan Palmer-komar (ON) Genesis Scuba/FFCC
DNF. Heather Parrott (BC) Petra-Uans-Orbea
DNF. Lisa Tasa (BC)
Junior, 17-18 (40 kms)
1. Eric Boily (QC) Equipe du Quebec55:34.50
2. David Veilleux (QC) Equipe du Quebec
3. Charley Vives (QC) Equipe du Quebec
4. J.P. Dunlop (BC) Teen Speed
5. Andrew Greydanus (BC) Teen Speed
6. Jeff Sparling (AB) Team Bow Cycle
7. Jean Simon Fortin (QC) CIBC WOOD GUNDY
8. Dave Vukets (ON) Team Ontario
9. Kris Lysionek (ON) Team Ontario
10. Joel Dion-poitras (QC) Espoirs Laval
11. Garth White (BC) CVCC
12. Michael Burns (BC) dEVo Powerbar
13. Zack Garland (NL) Atlantic Cycling
14. Josh James (BC) trek vw
15. Robert Gustavsson (ON) Team Ontario
16. Adam Thuss (ON) Team Ontario
17. Sean Walsh (AB) Bow Cycle/CMC
18. Fraser Hayes (BC) TeenSpeed Cycling Team
19. Raphael Tremblay (QC) Equipe du Quebec
20. Jackson Buehler (BC) devo
21. Ryan Belliveau (NB) Atlantic Cycling
22. Ian Manning (ON) BikeSports - Pfaff Racing Team
23. Jay Hawranik (MB)
24. Nicholas Lacko (MB) Team Manitoba
25. Michel Leger (NB) Atlantic Cycling
26. Mathieu O'halloran (BC) Teen Speed Cycling Team
27. Samuel Bail (ON) Ontario
28. Max Keeler (PE) Atlantic Cycling Centre.comall s.t.
DNF. Shaun Adamson (AB) United Cycle
DNS. Eric Baily (QC) Equipe du Quebec
DNF. Brian Bain (AB) CMC/Bow Cycle
DNF. Brooke Boocock (ON) Team Ontario
DNF. Dave Brooks (SK) Regina Cycle Club
DNF. Tim Clark (NL) Atlantic Cycling
DNF. Shawn Clarke (ON) Bike Race Ottawa
DNF. Kyle Douglas (ON) 3 Rox Racing
DNF. Jonathan Howse (NB) Atlantic Cycling
DNF. Ryan Knight (YT) Team Yukon
DNF. Mark Macdonald (AB) Team Alberta
DNF. Andrew Nichol (MB) Manitoba / Olympia
DNF. Marco Sabatino (BC)
DNF. Matthew Savage (BC) Teen Speed
DNF. Matthew Walker (SK) Cycledelia
DNF. Robin White (BC) Teen Speed
Master, 30+ (40 kms)
1. Peter Toth (AB) ERTC58:10.50
2. Brian Green (BC) trek/vw/broadwaydentalcenters.t.
3. Paolo Eugeni (ON) reynold koolini racing team0:03.70
4. James Neil (BC) Trek/ Powerbar/ Broadway Station Dental
5. Martin Willock (BC) Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club
6. Sean Wakefield (QC) Ind
7. Robert Martens (AB) Blizzard
8. Doug Hinan (ON) Peterborough Cycling Club
9. Allan Prazsky (BC) Trek-VW/Broadway Station Dental Centreall s.t.
10. Howard Joe (BC) Independent0:06.70
12. Zbigniew Szymanski (AB) United Cycle Racing
13. Mike Koski (BC) Trek/VW/Broadway Dental
14. Jamie Davidson (BC) Symmetrrics
15. Malcolm Eade (ON) D'Ornellas Racing Team
16. Daniel Wood (AB) ERTCall s.t.
17. Gerry Van Gaans (BC) Independant0:09.50
18. John Tolkamp (BC) Escape Velocity0:12.60
19. Chris Bartholomew (ON) Peterborough Cycling Club
20. Scott Wood (ON) Peterborough Cycling Club
21. Kevin Rokosh (AB) Edmonton Road & Track Cluball s.t.
22. Stephen Schnare0:16.30
23. Chris White (BC) Trek-Volkswagens.t.
24. Sean Howie (BC) Bayside0:21.50
25. Steve Kraetzer (BC) Fresh Air Experience
26. Paul Macdonald (AB) United Cycle Racing Clubboth s.t.
27. Jonathan Boocock (ON) Catena Networks Cycle Logik Racing0:22.30
28. Dennis Bland (AB) Calgary Crankmasters
29. Sylvan Adams (QC) Sports Experts/Martin Swissboth s.t.
30. Mark Davies (ON) Team Cervelo / GSM0:25.10
31. David Watson (AB) Velocity Cycling Club
32. Barry Bereziak (BC) Symmetricsboth s.t.
33. Otto Kamstra (BC) n/a0:28.50
34. Bernard Vives (QC) espoirs de lavals.t.
35. Steve Engh (BC) Trek Vw Broadway Station Dental Racing0:31.50
36. Don Larson (BC) Peninsula Cycles0:34.50
37. John Wiman (ON) Team Cervelo/Giroscopic Sportss.t.
38. Paul Berry (BC) Spoke N Motion2:15.50
DNS. John Albright (BC) None
DNF. Paul Beard (BC) Atomic Racing
DNF. Roger Bing-wo (BC) Atomic Racing Club
DNS. Tim Buckley (ON) Ind
DNS. David Campbell (ON) Cyclepath Oakville
DNF. Chris Cavacuiti (ON) Biovail/Cervelo
DNS. Terence Dahms (AB) Pedalhead Road
DNF. David Dunnison (BC) Team Coastal
DNS. David Emery (BC) Victoria Wheelers Cycling Club
DNF. Lucas Fennell (BC) Soliton
DNS. Patrick Ferris (BC) Blizzard
DNS. Andrew George (BC) Burnaby Velodrome
DNF. Stephen German (AB) revoluzione
DNS. Maurizio Giraldi (BC) n/a
DNF. Janusz Grelecki (BC)
DNS. Brian Griffin (BC) Independent
DNF. Eric Harvey (BC) Bayside Cycling Club
DNS. Ed Heacock (AB) Edmonton Masters Cycling Club
DNS. Glenn Hendricks (BC) Bayside Cycling Club
DNF. Lawrence Hindle (BC) Spoke 'n' Motion
DNF. Craig Horon (AB) velocity
DNF. Chris Kiziak (ON) Bike Sports - Pfaff Racing Team
DNF. Wayne Long (BC) United Cycle
DNF. Robin Mckay (BC)
DNS. Peter Morris (ON) hamilton cycling club
DNF. Jay Murray (BC) Trek / VW
DNF. Rob Onodera (AB) GS Campione
DNF. Dan Reilly (BC) Brown Bros. Ford/ Giant bikes
DNS. Ted Ritter (WA) Escape Velocity
DNF. Tony Routley (BC) FloraGlo/Norco
DNF. David Schmidt (BC)
DNF. Des Snider (BC) Bike Barn
DNF. Andrew Stewart (ON) Team Cervelo/Giroscopic Sports
DNF. Bill Yearwood (BC) Trek/VW, Broadway Station


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