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March 25/05 5:35 am - Track World Championships: Men's Keirin

Posted by Editoress on 03/25/05

Track World Championships Los Angeles CA

Men's Keirin

First Round

Race distance: 8 laps

Heat 1
1. Jose Antonio Villanueva Trinidad (Spain)
2. Jamie Staff (Great Britain)
3. Pavel Buran (Czech Republic)
4. Konstandinos Pentarakis (Greece)
5. Arnaud Tournant (France)
DNF. Michael Rodriguez (Puerto Rico)
DNF. Christian Stahl (USA)

Heat 2
1. Rene Wolff (Germany)
2. Ross Edgar (Great Britain)
3. Jose Antonio Escuredo Raimondez (Spain)
4. Mickael Bourgain (France)
5. Lukasz Kwiatkowski (Poland)
6. Giddeon Massie (USA)
7. Kazunari Watanabe (Japan)

Heat 3
1. Jobie Dajka (Australia)
2. Barry Forde (Barbados)
3. Ivan Vrba (Czech Republic)
4. Jan Van Eijden (Germany)
5. Sergey Ruban (Russia)
6. Kin Chung Wong (Hong Kong)
7. Cedric Stoller (Switzerland)

Heat 4
1. Teun Mulder (Netherlands)
2. Shane John Kelly (Australia)
3. Josiah Ng On Lam (Malaysia)
4. Vladimir Kiriltsev (Russia)
5. Matthew Crampton (Great Britain)
6. Kasper Jessen (Denmark)
7. Andrei Vynokurov (Ukraine)
8. Dean Edwards (South Africa)

First 2 riders in each heat to second round later today, remainders to first round repechage later today.

First Round Repechage

Heat 1
1. Jan Van Eijden (Germany)
2. Pavel Buran (Czech Republic)
3. Sergey Ruban (Russia)
4. Dean Edwards (South Africa)
5. Giddeon Massie (USA)
DNS. Michael Rodriguez (Puerto Rico)

Heat 2
1. Jose Antonio Escuredo Raimondez (Spain)
2. Vladimir Kiriltsev (Russia)
3. Lukasz Kwiatkowski (Poland)
4. Andrei Vynokurov (Ukraine)
DNS. Christian Stahl (USA)

Heat 3
1. Arnaud Tournant (France)
2. Cedric Stoller (Switzerland)
3. Kasper Jessen (Denmark)
REL. Ivan Vrba (Czech Republic)
DNF. Konstandinos Pentarakis (Greece)

Heat 4
1. Josiah Ng On Lam (Malaysia)
2. Kin Chung Wong (Hong Kong)
3. Mickael Bourgain (France)
4. Matthew Crampton (Great Britain)
5. Kazunari Watanabe (Japan)

First 1 rider in each heat to second round later today


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