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May 22/05 11:58 am - Niagara-Hamilton Classic: Stage 1 results

Posted by Editoress on 05/22/05

Niagara-Hamilton Classic - Stage 1: Effingham Road Race

Senior 3 & Junior Men 98.4 km
1. Derrick St. John (Ottawa Bicycle Club)RS32:43:46
2. Isaac Smith (St. Catharines Cycling Club)RS3at 0:40
3. Keith Moore (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)RS31:23
4. Erich Baumhard (Ind.)RS31:29
5. Eric Robertson (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)RS3
6. Simon Knott (Aztech / Cyclepath)RS3
7. Shawn Bernard (St. Catharines Cycling Club)RS3
8. Sebastian Porten (Gears
9. Jamey Gildiner (Vaughan Midweek Cycling Club)RS3
10. Chris Saunders (St. Catharines Cycling Club)RS3
11. Charlie Bryer (Ind.)RJ
12. Bryan Mason (Ind.)RS3
13. David Campbell (Oakville Race Team)RS3
14. Jonathan Prosser (Hamilton Cycling Club)RJ
15. Stephane Deshaies (St. Catharines Cycling Club)RS3
16. Michael Dekelver (Ottawa Bicycle Club)RS3
17. Ryan Polawski (Ind.)RS3
18. Chris Riley (Ind.)RS3
19. Alexander Korten (St. Catharines Cycling Club)RJ
20. Jared Gilyard (Advantage Benefits Group)RS3
21. Tim McClure (Ind.)RS3
22. Garth Logan (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)RS3
23. Kris Lysionek (
24. Andrew Bradbury (Ind.)RJ
25. Andrew Fell (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)RS3
26. Gilles Chabot (St. Catharines Cycling Club)RS3
27. Alexander Fulton (Ottawa Bicycle Club)RS3
28. Steven Smith (Coach / All Season Sports)RS3
29. Michael Amaral (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)RS3
30. Terrence Martineau (Ottawa Bicycle Club)RS3
31. Craig Browne (Coach / All Season Sports)RJ
32. Mark Teves (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)RS3all s.t.
DNF. Richard Bell (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)RJ
DNF. Alex Mannapso (St. Catharines Cycling Club)RJ
DNF. Sean MacCormack (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)RJ
DNF. Michael Flavell (Cycle Logik Racing)RJ
DNF. Andrew Hunt (St Catharines CC)RJ
DNF. Andrew Yorke (Ind.)RJ
DNF. Chris McKie (St. Catharines Cycling Club)RS3
DNF. Ernesto Alvarez (Cavern Cycles - Sneaky Dees)RS3
DNF. David Conroy (Vaughan Midweek Cycling Club)RS3
DNF. Michael Andres (Ind.)RS3
DNF. Andrew Gummer (Bikesports - Pfaff Rt)RS3
DNF. Paul Venturelli (Vaughan Midweek Cycling Club)RS3
DNF. Greg Allen (Maple Leaf Cycling Club)RS3
DNF. William Fu (Ind.)RS3
DNF. Marco Li (Aquila Racing / Racer Sportif)RS3
DNF. Scott Lindow (D'Ornellas Racing Team)RS3
DNF. Shawn Marshall (Ind.)RS3
DNF. Mike Medland (Cyclissimo Cycling Club)RS3
DNF. Darko Antic (Ind.)RS3
DNF. Badih Schoueri (Ind.)RS3
DNF. Alex Northey (Team Coastal)RS3
DNF. Justin Rogers (Pedal Performance)RS3
DNS. Adam Woods (Speed River Cycling Club)RS3
Master B/C 40+ Men 86.1 km
1. Dave Viney (Team Hardwood)RMC2:23:42
2. Kevin Davis (Chain Reaction)RMBat 1:18
3. Paul Devries (Team R.a.c.e)RMB
4. Carmine Caravaggio (Pavan Cycling Club)RMB
5. Jim Davis (Jet Fuel Coffee)RMB
6. Tony Abramavicius (Vaughan Midweek Cycling Club)RMB
7. Mauro Martini (Pavan Cycling Club)RMB
8. Stefan Zurcher (D'Ornellas Racing Team)RMB
9. Ed Campbell (St. Catharines Cycling Club)RMB
10. Jonathan Boocock (Cycle Logik Racing)RMB
11. Brad Nickorick (Oakville Race Team)RMB
12. Garnett Abbey (D'Ornellas Racing Team)RMB
13. Geoff Banner (Oakville Race Team)RMB
14. Hamish Gordon (Team R.a.c.e)RMB
15. David Pierce (Bikesports - Pfaff Rt)RMB
16. Gregory T. Cushing (D'Ornellas Racing Team)RMB
17. Rob Cheskey (Hamilton Cycling Club)RMC
18. Phill Vermette (Vaughan Midweek Cycling Club)RMB
19. Peter Kofman (Coach / All Season Sports)RMB
20. Lorne Cunliffe (Team Biovail)RMB
21. Marc Polsinelli (Pavan Cycling Club)RMB
22. Dave Van de Laar (St. Catharines Cycling Club)RMB
23. Francois Faust (Oakville Race Team)RMB
24. Brian Taborek (Ind.)RMB
25. Robert Brehn (Jet Fuel Coffee)RMB
26. Mirek Mazur (Vaughan Midweek Cycling Club)RMB
27. Brad King (Team R.a.c.e)RMB
28. Chris Chambers (Team R.a.c.e)RMB
29. Fredrik Carlberg (Team R.a.c.e)RMB
30. James Layfield (Team R.a.c.e)RMB
31. Andrew Stewart (Team Biovail)RMB
32. Mike Viel (Pavan Cycling Club)RMC
33. Philip Serniak (Ind.)RMB
34. Craig MacEachern (Ind.)RMB
35. Eric Larsson (GVCC)RMB
36. Glen McCrone (Bikesports - Pfaff Rt)RMB
37. Bob Steer (Coach / All Season Sports)RMC
38. Ron Vogl (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)RMB
39. Steve Copeland (London Centennial Wheelers)RMB
40. Roy Zucchetto (Pavan Cycling Club)RMB
41. Jim Wadleigh (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)RMC
42. Mark Hearn (St Catharines CC)RMB
43. Robert Szasz (Jet Fuel Coffee)RMB
DNF. Gord Mickovski (Newmarket Eagles Cc)RMB
DNF. Bradley Martel (Ride With Rendall)RMB
DNF. Bill Buckley (Ind.)RMC
DNF. Stephen Ciazynski (St. Catharines Cycling Club)RMC
DNF. John Crumlish (Ind.)RMB
DNF. Jonathan Howard (Navigators/Rochester Road Racing)RMB
DNF. Victor Reinberg (Ind.)RMB
DNF. Edward Renkema (St. Catharines Cycling Club)RMB
DNF. John Holland (Jet Fuel Coffee)RMB
DNF. Andy Dickison (Ind.)RMB
DNF. Carl Clarke (Brant Cycle)RMB
DNF. Walter Piersanti (Vaughan Midweek Cycling Club)RMB
DNF. Perry Gelakis (Coach / All Season Sports)RMB
DNF. Steve Cooke (Neworld Cycle)RMB
DNF. Pierre Perrin (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)RMB
DNF. Ilija Petrovski (D'Ornellas Racing Team)RMB
DNF. Hank Roest (Ind.)RMB
DNF. Paul Bowkunowicz (Jet Fuel Coffee)RMB
DNF. Augy Marmelo (Team Biovail)RMB
DNF. Malcolm Eade (D'Ornellas Racing Team)RMB
DNS. Ihor Hayda (Aquila Racing / Racer Sportif)RMB
DNS. Roy Andrigo (Team Pusch)RMB
DNS. Fulvio Mark Cubello (Bikesports - Pfaff Rt)RMB
DNS. Julio Goncalves (Westhaven Homes Ct)RMB
Master D 60+ Men 61.5 km
1. Gary Hirsch (Pavan Cycling Club)RMD1:45:29
2. John Parkinson (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)RMDat 5:25
3. Peter Hein (Vaughan Midweek Cycling Club)RMD6:37
4. Orlando Goveia (Reynold Koolini Racing Team)RMD13:49
5. Tim Porter (Midweek Cycling Club)RMD21:45
Under-17 Men 61.5 km
1. Matthew Robertson (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)RU171:38:52
2. Thomas Hums (Sudbury Cycling Club)RU17at 0:02
3. Timothy Crosby (Coach / All Season Sports)RU173:48
4. Ricardo Perea (Vaughan Midweek Cycling Club)RU174:07
5. Jamie Riggs (Ottawa Bicycle Club)RU1712:59
6. Darren Korten (St. Catharines Cycling Club)RU17s.t.
DNF. Jan Zak (Ind.)RU17
Master A 30+ Men 123 km
1. Charlie Squires (Westhaven Homes Ct)RMA03:04:05
2. Jeff Koch (ABG / Endeover)RMAat 0:03
3. Mark Goveia (Reynold Koolini Racing Team)RMA0:35
4. Eric Crudeli (Bikesports - Pfaff Rt)RMA0:45
5. Sean Forbes (Ind.)RS30:50
6. Kris Tobias (Sport Swap Racing)RMA1:25
7. Tim Blackwell (Aztech / Cyclepath)RMA
8. Stuart McKay (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)RMA
9. Carlos Barros (La Bicicletta - J Lindeberg)RMA
10. Steve Heck (Sport Swap Racing)RMA
11. Bobby Mrvelj (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)RMA
12. Mark Davies (Team Biovail)RMA
13. Robert Fletcher (La Bicicletta - J Lindeberg)RMA
14. Craig McCarthy (St. Catharines Cycling Club)RMA
15. Robert Chiocca (Aquila Racing / Racer Sportif)RMA
16. Chris Wood (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)RMA
17. Joseph Torchia (Westhaven Homes Ct)RMA
18. Roberto Vani (Reynold Koolini Racing Team)RMA
19. Paul Greene (Chain Reaction)RMA
20. Gord Woolley (Bikesports - Pfaff Rt)RMA
21. Chris Baloga (St Catharines CC)RMA
22. Doug Richards (Ind.)RMA
23. James Blackburn (St. Catharines Cycling Club)RMA
24. Zachary Steinman (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)RMA
25. Gregory Wellman (Lanterne Rouge)RMA
26. Patrick Dooling (Ind.)RMA
27. Stephen Eastwood (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)RMAall s.t.
28. John Pucic (D'Ornellas Racing Team)RMA2:46
29. Chris Kiziak (Bikesports - Pfaff Rt)RMA
30. Benedict Ayson (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)RMA
31. Chris Cavacuiti (Team Biovail)RMA
32. Gerard Yeates (Sport Swap Racing)RMA
33. Craig Burge (Ind.)RMAall s.t.
34. Douglas Chisholm (Bikesports - Pfaff Rt)RMA3:19
35. John Wiman (Team Biovail)RMA
36. Cary Moretti (Team Biovail)RMA
37. W. Drew Robertson (Sport Swap Racing)RMAall s.t.
38. Jeffrey Chow (Reynold Koolini Racing Team)RMA3:35
39. Jose Paul Amaral (Bikesports - Pfaff Rt)RMA5:15
40. John McCormick (The Hub Bicycle Club)RMA6:12
41. Paul Salvo (Lanterne Rouge)RMA6:41
42. Kelly Boucher (Lanterne Rouge)RMA8:29
43. Brian Lee (St. Catharines Cycling Club)RMA19:57
DNF. Matthew Berridge (Ind.)RMA
DNF. Chris May (Ind.)RMA
DNF. Henry Dudko (Ind.)RMA
DNF. Travis Joyce (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)RMA
DNF. William Shewan (Ind.)RMA
DNF. Kelly Smith (Lanterne Rouge)RMA
DNF. Frank Watts (Ind.)RMA
DNS. Scott Busch (KHS Bicycles Canada)RMA
DNS. Nicholas Dwyer (Reynold Koolini Racing Team)RMA
DNS. Dave Johnston (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)RMA
DNF. Donald Smith (Pierik's Cycle)RMA
DNF. Claudio Buffone (Pavan Cycling Club)RMA
DNF. Don Magie (Ind.)RMA
DNF. Tom Villano (Sport Swap Racing)RMA
DNF. Rory McDonagh (Ind.)RMA
DNF. Anthony Simpson (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)RMA
DNF. Eric Petersen (Westhaven Homes Ct)RMA
DNF. Paul Tolomiczenko (Aquila Racing / Racer Sportif)RMA
DNF. Neil Humphrey (Waterloo CC / The Flying Dogs)RMA
DNF. William Kowalczyk (La Bicicletta - J Lindeberg)RMA
DNF. Don Andrews (Waterloo CC / Flying Dogs)RMA
DNF. Ugo Garneau (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)RMA
DNF. Rob West (Ind.)RMA
DNF. Paolo Eugeni (Reynold Koolini Racing Team)RMA
DNF. Jason Fitzsimmons (Sport Swap Racing)RMA
DNF. Michael Forsdike (Reynolds Cycle)RMA
DNF. Craig Vedova (Reynold Koolini Racing Team)RMA
Junior Women 49.2 km
1. Celeste Jones-Baumgardt (Aquila Racing / Racer Sportif)RU171:41:15
Senior/ Master Women 98.4 km
1. Susan Palmer-Komar (Colvita/Cooking Lite)RS12:51:06
2. Merrill Collins (La Bicicletta - J Lindeberg)RS1at 0:45
3. Amy Moore (Victory Brewing)RS1s.t.
4. Jessica Spence (Cavern Cycles - Sneaky Dees)RS311:19
5. Julia Farell (Wheels Of Bloor)RS1
6. Krystal Jeffs (McMaster Cycling Club)RS3
7. Anna Tratnyek (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)RS2
8. Tara Ross (Team Diet Cheerwine)RS1
9. Nada Pasko (Vaughan Midweek Cycling Club)RS3
10. Anita Lagler (Wheels Of Bloor)RS3
11. Anna Garnett (Team Biovail / Cervelo)RS2all s.t.
12. Naomi Cermak (Hamilton Cycling Club)RS313:04
13. Sue Trimble (
14. Melissa Chappel (J And J / Tabasco)RS317:34
15. Maogosha Pyjor (Wheels Of Bloor)RS2s.t.
16. Karen Watson (Ind.)RS317:39
17. Jaymie McGowan (McMaster Cycling Club)RS3s.t.
18. Kelly Kavanaugh (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)RS318:24
19. Lisa Woodside (
20. Marie-Claude Paquette (St. Catharines Cycling Club)RMW44:54
21. Kelly Bietola (Ind.)RS3"
22. Laurie Vanderhaeghe (Reynolds Cycle)RMW"
23. Mary-Ellen Ash (Bay Cycle / 3 Rox Racing)RS2"
24. Corinne Roos (London Centennial Wheelers)RMW"
25. Andrea Bacik (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)RMWall s.t.
DNS. Helen Paterson (Groundwear / Cyclepower)RS3
DNF. Celeste Merey (Cavern Cycles - Sneaky Dees)RS3
DNF. Tara Baker (McMaster Cycling Club)RS3
DNF. Ireen Wieditz (Wheels Of Bloor)RS3
DNS. Anne Guzman (Mississauga Bicycle Racing Club)RS3
DNS. Kerry Traynor (Handlebars / Queen City Cyclists)RS2
Senior 1/2 Men
1. Peter Mazur (Team Skil-Moser)RS13:25:12
2. Chris Isaac (Italpasta - Transport Belmire)RS1at 2:35
3. Brandon Crichton (Italpasta - Transport Belmire)RS2E3:19
4. Nat Faulkner (Italpasta - Transport Belmire)RS16:24
5. Giusseppe Giul


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