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May 28/05 7:22 am - Mont Tremblant Canada Cup XC #2: Full Results

Posted by Editoress on 05/28/05

Canada Cup XC #2Mont Tremblant, QC

Junior Expert Women
1. Marie-Claude Surprenant (Sportif Bromont)1:53:29
2. Emilie Beaumont (Cyclone D'Alma(CVM))at 2:20
3. Isabelle Jacques (Team La Vie Sportive)4:04
4. Évelyne Pichette (Specialized)5:27
5. Kaitlin Michener (Arrow / Oakley)13:34
6. Sarah Coney (3 Rox Racing)15:15
7. Virginie Begin (Val-David )30:34
8. Stephanie Adams (Arrow / Oakley)47:01
Junior Expert Men
1. Georges Edouard Duquette (Sportif Bromont)2:30:29
2. Alexandre Fortier (Air Fortier)at 3:00
3. Ian McAvity (Darling's Island Bike Shop)4:42
4. Gabriel Jarry Bolduc (PierreDemers Source du Sport)5:14
5. Andrew Wilson (3 Rox Racing)8:49
6. Alex Harvey (Team La Vie Sportive)10:30
7. David Fournier (Durand Sports )18:18
8. Ismael Dufour Simard (Charlevoix)18:54
9. Luc Mahler (Algonquin Outfitters)20:41
10. Colin Howard (Hardwood Hills)22:09
11. Ryan Anderson (Juventus)24:07
12. Samuel Gelinas (Le Yéti -RP)27:42
13. Alix Dupont- Huot (Cycle Outaouais)27:50
14. Charles Blanchet-Levesque (Team La Vie Sportive)29:04
15. Hancock Cory (3 Rox Racing)30:33
16. Frederic Lacroix (CCS / Dalbix)31:22
17. Cameron Jette (Indépendant)31:47
18. Zachary Winn (Impala Cycle)37:04
19. Vincent Tremblay (Durand Sports )41:45
20. Félix Côté (Val-David )43:59
21. Maxime Berthiaume (Centre du Vélo de Mascouche)45:59
22. Cody Canning (United Bicycle)49:17
23. Louis- Philippe Plante (Élite Cycle Outaouais)1:00:30
24. Adam Bradshaw (Hardwood Hills)1:08:09
25. Simon Schaffner- Robitaille (CCVM Évolution)1:43:54
26. Jamie Hamilton (Hardwood Hills)2:08:56
DNF. Marc- André Faucher (Élite Cycle Outaouais)
DNF. Maxime Laflamme (Devinci SE SteCroix)
DNF. Raphael Gagne (Team La Vie Sportive)
DNF. Justin Roy (Accro Vélo)
DNF. Haydn Boucher (3 Rox Racing)
DNF. Derek Beirnes (Hardwood Hills)
DNF. Mathew Bell (Hardwood Hills)
DNF. Gabriel Clavet (Vélomania)
DNF. Robert Cornellier (Accro Vélo)
DNF. Leni Gélinas- Trudel (Le Yéti -RP)
Elite Women
1. Jaqueline Mourad (Scott/Redbull/Exceed)2:51:23
2. Mical Dyck (Terrascape Racing)at 0:52
3. Catharine Pendrel (The Bike Barn)3:18
4. Jean-Ann McKirdy (Rocky Mountain)7:03
5. Melanie McQuaid (Indépendant)10:17
6. Emily Batty (Gears Racing)17:40
7. Amanda Sin (3 Rox Racing)18:05
8. Danielle Kabush (Timex)19:11
9. Julie Sanders (Équipe Xprezo)20:12
10. Sue Trimble (Gears Racing)26:56
11. Brigitte Lacaille (Team Xcluziv)27:57
12. Stephanie Martinek (Arrow / Oakley)30:01
13. Sophie Fortin (La Cordée Plein Air)30:54
14. Mathilde Hupin-Debeurme (Pearl Izumi)32:01
15. Trish Grajczuk (Deaugoat Racing)34:42
16. Heather Morrisen (3 Rox Racing)36:17
17. Celine Foreht (Sporting Life)36:51
18. Marisol Bernier (La Randonnée )38:07
19. Anne - Marie Jobin (Team Xcluziv)38:16
20. Caroline Villeneuve (Team La Vie Sportive)38:19
21. Kate Scallion (THE CYCLERY)39:29
22. Monilee Lloy (Fresh Air Experience)41:57
23. Elsie Torresan (Cyclone D'Alma(CVM))47:27
24. Christy Love (Krebs - Ambleside Cycles)56:17
25. Olivia Gagne (Team La Vie Sportive)56:50
DNF. Catherine Deschenes (Team Xcluziv)
DNF. Martina Fieldmann (Fact Canada)
DNF. Catherine Vipond (Gears Racing)
DNF. Sophie - Anne Blanchette (Gears Racing)
DNF. Sandy Ayre (PedalHead Bicycle Works)
DNF. Tricia Spooner (Cycle Logik Racing Team)
DNF. Madelaine Bate (Terrascape Racing)
DNF. Nicola Woerns (The Hub Bicycle Shop)
Elite Men
1. Mathieu Toulouse (Maxxis)2:45:40
2. Benoît Simard (Équipe Perigny)at 1:01
3. Kris Sneddon (Kona LesGets Factory Team)2:13
4. Guido Visser (Sportif Bromont)2:55
5. Ricky Federau (Gears Racing)3:51
6. Martin Lazarski (Rocky Mountain)6:06
7. Frederic Bussieres (Mountain/Business Objects)7:04
8. Jamie Lamb (CyclesSmith)8:31
9. Peter Wedge (Kona)9:35
10. Brendan MacIntosh (Rider's Cycle, LX Polarized)9:48
11. Derek Zandstra (3 Rox Racing)10:38
12. Andrew Watson (Gears Racing)12:17
13. Bruno Lafontaine (Équipe Perigny)14:03
14. Zacharie Labbé (Indépendant)16:01
15. Jean- François Vennes (Team Xcluziv)17:22
16. Sébastien Tremblay (Cyclone D'Alma(CVM))19:49
17. Alexandre Frappier (BioGen Idec)20:10
18. Peter Glassford (THE EPIC RIDE)20:31
19. Evan Sherman (United Bicycle)20:55
20. Vincent Meunier (Durand Sports )21:39
21. Mike Northcott (Jamis/Nokian)22:35
22. Jeremy Trudel (Le Yéti -RP)24:24
23. Roddi Lega (Norco Factory Team)24:41
24. Jean- Sébastien Perron (Fresh Air Experience)25:28
25. Jean - Nicolas Lavertu (Durand Sports )26:35
26. Tristan Galbraith (Kona)26:44
27. Matthew Hadley (Radical Edge)27:32
28. Thomas Skinner (Giant Bicycle)28:43
29. Martin Lafontaine (Team Xcluziv)29:21
30. Jonathan Boulanger (Équipe Perigny)34:18
31. Daniel Sessford (Indépendant)35:22
32. Stuart Houltham (Trek/Pearl/Izumi)36:30
33. Kyle Douglas (3 Rox Racing)37:00
34. Louis- Rémy Marier (SOS Veloski)37:44
35. Matt Douglas (3 Rox Racing)37:52
36. Louis Perusse (Devinci SE SteCroix)39:22
37. Timothy Carleton (Sport Swap Racing)40:06
38. Jason Rody (Arrow / Oakley)41:04
39. Kevan Kranmer (Indépendant)42:28
40. Luc Doiron (Le Pédalier )43:02
41. Ben Dawson (Impala Cycle)49:33
42. Jean-Sebastien Lareau (Cyclo Sprint)55:09
DNF. Jurgen Vandendriessche (Team Xcluziv)
DNF. Luc Boily (SOS Veloski)
DNF. Jason Duffy (Bike Land)
DNF. Adam Morka (Hardwood Hills)
DNF. Michel Henri (Equipe Iris)
DNF. Justin Hines (Team Mc Bride-Fitfix)
DNF. Ronny Sterckx (RSTvélosports/Rocky Mountain)
DNF. Ryan Taylor (By The Sea/ Taylor's Garage/Bianchi)
DNF. Jesse Jakomait (Dark Horse Racing)
DNF. Jaimie Douglas (Oak Bay Bikes)
DNF. Matthew Fawcett (Momentum Cycle Race)
DNF. Jonathan Burgess (CyclesSmith)
DNF. Andrew Kyle (Sugoi/Giant Bicycles)
DNF. Ben'J Thibeault (La Cordée Plein Air)
DNF. Jean- Philippe Provost (Équipe Xprezo)
DNF. Matthew Green (Rocky Mountain)
DNF. Drew MacKenzie (Sugoi/Giant Bicycles)
DNF. Mark Batty (Gears Racing)
DNF. Julien Veilleux (ABC Cycles Sports)
DNF. Thierry Laliberte (Sportif Bromont)
DNF. Marc-Andre Daigle (Equipe Record)
DNF. Simon Boily (Durand Sports)

All other category results HERE in pdf format.


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