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August 14/05 5:14 am - Canada Cup XC Final

Posted by Editoress on 08/14/05

Canada Cup Final Sun Peaks BC

The final event in the 2005 XC Canada Cup took place at Sun Peaks Resort in BC. The DH is taking place today.

Elite Men
1. Kris Sneddon (Kona Les Gets)1:57:50
2. Ricky Federeau (Gears 0:27
3. Andrew Watson (GEARS RACING.COM)2:59
4. Matthew Hadley (Radical Edge)3:25
5. Matt Martindill (Cove Factory Racing)5:16
6. Tristan Galbraith (Kona)7:06
7. Roddi Legga (Norco Factory Team)7:56
8. Brendan MacIntosh (Rider's Cycles / LX Eyewear)10:37
9. Evan Sherman (United Cycle)10:48
10. Matthew Green (Rocky Mountain/Business Objects)12:23
11. Ben Simard (Specialized/Pearl Izumi)13:11
12. Evan Plews (Santiam Bicycle)14:03
13. Ryan Edwards (Team Squamish)14:44
14. Andre Sutton (Hardcore Bikes)15:31
15. Manuel Fehlmann16:16
16. Kevin Calhoun16:25
17. Sebastien Tremblay (Cyclone)19:04
18. Galen Kehler (Wenting's Cycle)19:39
19. Craig Richey (Cove Bikes)20:27
20. Drew Mackenzie (Sugoi/Giant)21:32
21. Thomas Skinner (Giant Bicycles)21:51
22. Dion Clark (Bow Cycle/CMC)21:52
23. Bryan Anderson22:17
24. Al Cannon (Comox Valley Cycle Club)22:56
25. Matt Cottrell23:28
26. Jason Duffy (Bikeland)24:59
27. Carsten Ivany (Natural Earth Racing)25:20
28. Devin Erfle (Deadgoat Racing)26:04
29. Cory Zetterstrom (Bruce's Cycle Works)30:23
30. Aaron Weiss (Spoke 'n Motion)33:03
31. Scott McGregor (Steed Cycles/SRAM/Rock Shox)35:58
32. Benjamin Schmidt (Natural Earth Racing)36:36
DNF. Ryan Smith (Kelowna Cycle)
DNF. Steve Martins (Hardcore Racing)
DNF. Stefan Widmer (Sugoi/Giant)
DNF. Ryan Hopping (Redbike ERTC)
DNF. Jonathan Keats (Pedalhead Racing)
DNS. Frederic Langevin (Bow Cycle"deadgoat Racing")
Elite Women
1. Wendy Simms (Frontrunners-HellyHansen)1:55:48
2. Catharine Pendrel (The Bike Barn)at 5:53
3. Mical Dyck (Terrascape Racing)6:37
4. Martina Feldmann10:08
5. Madelaine Bate (Terrascape Racing)13:48
6. Sandra Walter (
7. Stephanie Martinek (Arrow Racing / Squire Johns)14:54
8. Trish Grajczyk15:23
9. Jean Ann McKirdy (Rocky Mountain Business Objects)17:05
10. Melissa Dekker (Comox Valley Cycle Club)18:10
11. Tricia K. Spooner (Cycle Logik Racing)18:27
12. Heather Morrissey (Bay Cycle/ 3 Rox Racing)19:36
13. Julie Sanders (Xprezo)22:26
14. Elsie Torresan (Cyclone D'Alma)23:25
15. Celine Foreht (Sporting Life)24:20
16. Christy Love (Krebs/Ambleside Cycles)25:55
17. Jennifer Schulz (Fresh Air Experience)31:35
18. Marisa Tosi (Terrascape Racing)32:20
19. Sandy Ayre (Pedalhead Bicycle Works)42:31
DNF. Nadine Mueller
DNS. Monilee Lloy (Fresh Air Experience)
DNS. Sharon Mc Dowell-Larsen
Jr & U17 Expert Women
1. Emilie Beaumont (Equipe Quebec)1:18:01
2. Marie-Claude Surprenant (Equipe Du Quebec/club Sportif Br)at 0:27
3. Isabelle Jacques (La Vie Sportive)2:14
4. Katherine Short (On The Edge Race Team)2:47
5. Evelyne Pichette (Specialized)6:10
6. Anna Russell10:48
7. Annie Last17:28
8. Aislinn Merkel25:13
Jr Expert Men
1. Georges-Edouard Duquette (Mom Sport Cannondale Lifestyle)1:44:07
2. Leni Gelinas Trudel (Equipe Du Quebec / Le Yeti)at 5:00
3. Tom Last11:39
4. Andrew Laviolette (Hardwood Hills)19:54
5. Matt Savage (Rocky Mountain/Smith)23:47
6. Norrie Henderson (Kona / Kelowna Cycle)26:16
7. Colin Howard31:33
8. Derek Beirnes (Sidi, Team Hardwood)35:41
9. Adam Bradshaw (Team Hardwood Hills)38:30
10. Chris Bates41:08
11. Brett Wildeman (On The Edge Race Club/Idun/Sock)44:50
DNS. Luc Mahler (Algonquin Outfitters)
DNS. Alexandre Fortier (Team Quebec)

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